Womens Go Karting: Do Females Race & Compete?

Unfortunately, like a lot of sports, go karting can appear to be male dominated at the highest level. However, there are lots of inspiring female drivers out there and the only way to tackle the male stereotyping is for more …Read More

Karter taking the inside lane

How To Get Sponsored

Getting sponsored is an extremely exciting step in your go karts career. However, finding sponsors definitely isn’t easy. You need to be determined and persistent and prepared to receive a few knockbacks before you eventually secure sponsorship. Look locally Big …Read More

80m straight at capital karts

Finding The Racing Line

If you want to lift a trophy in a go karts tournament, any good racer will tell you that strategy is just as important as speed. A cool nerve and sharp reflexes can take you a long way, but the …Read More

two competitive karters

The Best Ways To Overtake

If you want to get ahead in a go karting race, it’s important to know how to get past your competition. Overtaking is one of the most important skills you can learn on the track – get it right and …Read More

LPG, Electric or Petrol: What Are The Best Go Kart Engines?

Over the years, go karts have evolved just like any other vehicle. Today, there are numerous models and designs available, each offering their own unique strengths and weaknesses in terms of speed, performance and endurance. One of the most important …Read More

F1 Qualifying Shambles Reflects Power Struggle At The Top

The constantly changing rules of Formula One racing is something that all fans have become used to, but this year’s attempt by the sport’s governing body, the FIA, to tinker with the qualifying system appears to have been a change …Read More

f1的Tec变化hnical Rules in 2017

Following meetings between bosses, the 2017 Formula One season will see a number of new car modification rules introduced, which are designed to make cars wider, but yet quicker. Following consultation with the FIA’s technical team, Formula One bosses believe …Read More