Go Kart Camera Hire

捕捉你的史诗与我们的卡丁车比赛的时刻camera hire.

Show Them Who’s Best, Again & Again

Capital Karts go kart camera hire is the best way for you to capture your racing event and we can now do all the work for you.

Having teamed up with Viewpoint Videos to offer a hassle free solution, we can now edit all your footage and have it on Youtube for you within 48hrs. There’s no need for you to download, edit footage or wait around while the upload processes to the internet – we will sort it all out!

Re-live that incredible overtake around the outside of turn four in stunning 1080P high-definition by taking out one of our go kart helmet cameras. Our state of the art cameras will pick up footage like never before and with our anti-vibration editing software, we can even help to remove the shaky effect to give you smooth footage.

When you visit our circuit and take out one of our go cam hires our team will fit one of our HD camera’s directly to your helmet. We’ll hit record which will display a name card with all your contact details just before you exit the pits.

After your event is complete we will simply plug the camera in to our computer which will automatically share your footage to our partners at Viewpoint Videos via the cloud.

Within 48hrs they will have edited your footage to cut out any breaks in the session and non-racing footage and have it uploaded to Youtube for you.

At this point you will receive an email or text confirming the link to your Youtube video which you can easily share with friends across any social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

You can also request the raw un-edited footage if you wish to do your own editing.

Helmet Camera Hire

All events: £10.00 per person for two Sprints or a Grand Prix.

To see more footage from customers who’ve raced around our track and taken advantage of our Go Pro camera hire, check out our YouTube channel.

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