Newest & Fastest Indoor Go Karts in the UK

Brand new for 2017 we have a full new fleet of 270cc RiMO Alpha 2 Karts & Kids Karts

Industry Leading Adult & Kids Karts

Go Kart like never before with our brand new fleet of awesome RiMO adults & kids karts.

Brand new for 2017 we are proud to announce the arrival of our new karts and for the first time at Capital we now offer go karting from 7+ years of age (125+ cm height).

Used at prestigious racing tracks around the world, including the Michael and Ralf Schumacher tracks in Germany, they simply provide the best go kart experience available.

Selected for their power, performance and speed, our go karts will enable you to experience that authentic racing feeling as you fly around our huge 1050m track.

Featuring powerful Honda LPG race tuned 270cc engines (adults) that give you maximum power and torque accompanied with a smooth and responsive handling, we are confident you will enjoy driving experience with us, check ourreviewsto see what others are saying.

With over 30 adult karts and 20 kids karts in our fleet we can cater to groups of any age or size, whether you are racing with family and friends or looking to bond your workforce together we have the karts and track to match your requirements.


Powerful 270cc Honda Engines

Race tuned to 11hp

Stunning Design & Styling

Adjustable Seats & Pedals

Comfortable Seating Position

Speeds in excess of 45mph!

Strong & Safe Racing Chassis

Hydraulic Performance Disc Brakes

Manufactured in Germany

Fastest indoor karts available.


Race tuned 270cc Honda powered karts capable of in excess of 45mph!

Rimo LPG2 Go Karts Logo

Rimo Alpha 2 LPG Go Kart

Brand new for 2017 we are proud to offer customers the opportunity to drive our new fleet of 270cc RiMO Alpha 2 LPG karts.

Superseding our highly popular RiMO Alpha fleet, we are pleased to offer customers an improved and even more refined driving experience in our new fleet of adult karts.

Packing more power than our last fleet, each kart is equipped with an impressive race tuned 270cc Honda engine providing greater performance accompanied with stunning styling. If you liked our old karts then you will fall in love with our new fleet!

With our new LPG powered Alpha RiMO karts we set the standard in the rental kart industry.

Check out ourAdults Go Kartingpage for more information.

Powerful 270cc Honda Engines

Our new karts are equipped with an impressive 270cc Honda GX LPG engine which delivers awesome performance and speed.

Stunning Design & Styling

Our RiMO Alpha 2 LPG Karts have been carefully designed and built to combine maximum performance with a stunning modern look.

Strong & Safe Chassis

Our one-piece double-tube surround protection offers protection against collisions from all directions through its twelve fold floating support.

Adjustable Seats & Pedals

The seats and pedals on all our karts are fully adjustable, we can cater for all drivers small or large.


The safest kids karts in the industry equipped with an impressive 160cc engine.

Rimo Mini LPG2 Go Karts Logo

Rimo Mini LPG Go Kart

We are proud to offer go karting from ages 7+ in our brand new fleet of RiMO Mini LPG Kids Go Karts.

在德国设计和制造我们的孩子去karts are the safest in the industry yet offer great performance for budding drivers.

Our Mini LPG karts are packed with features to ensure a comfortable and safe drive, the seats and pedals are fully adjustable to suit all sizes of driver accompanied by 3 point seat belt and safety bar system.

We haven’t forgotten about performance too, equipped with a 160cc Honda engine our kids karts offer a rewarding and competitive drive for kids of all ability.

Check out ourKids Go Kartingpage for more information.

Kids Go Karting from 7+ years.

Kids from 7 years of age can experience the thrill of go karting in our RiMO Mini LPG kids karts.
(Minimum height : 125cm)

160cc Honda Engines

All our kids go karts are fitted with a 160cc Honda LPG engine offering great performance for drivers of all ability.

Power output can be easily restricted to suit the driver.

Industry leading safety features

As standard our kids go karts are fitted with a seat belt and safety bar system accompanied by a strong tubular chassis and wrap system offering industry leading safety standards.


Unlike many other karts our seats and pedals are fully adjustable to ensure a comfortable and safe seating position.

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